Asia Communique — new name

Tea Horse Monitor will now be called Asia Communique

I hope your week is going well!

After some feedback from the readers of the newsletter, I have decided to change the name of the newsletter to Asia Communique. Tea Horse Monitor was a niche name that was mostly appreciated within the China Watchers community. Since the newsletter covers other parts of Asia - including South Asia - there is broader interest in learning about the region as a whole.

Nothing else changes. The weekly newsletter will continue to be free for all - for now.

Asia Communique will also share exclusive interviews and insights through a subscription. You can support the work that I do for as little as USD 5 per month or USD 55 per year. The subscription will give you access to all the exclusive news and analysis.

Thank you to all the new subscribers and readers!

This week’s edition is out soon.

Aadil Brar