A short list of books and papers on China (and Tibet)
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Xi to promote "common prosperity" — Wang Yang in Lhasa — Asia Communique is evolving!
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Xi’s Tibet visit and Blinken in Delhi — India and China hold 12th round of border talks — China's education sector crackdown — CCTV Military Reports
China’s mega technology regulation — Modi wishes Dalai Lama, China stays mum — China's crackdown on LGBTQ social media accounts — CCTV military reports
Xi's speech hints at continuity — Missile silos in Gansu province — China's crackdown on Didi — leaked letter exchanged by Imran Khan and Li Keqiang…
Chinese Communist Party's centenary celebrations — Tibet military developments
China sends a message on Galwan anniversary — Guangdong nuclear plant leak — Trade network disrupted in Southern China — CCTV military reports
An interview with Avtar Singh Bhasin
The end of "Wolf Warrior" diplomacy? — US leaders visit Taiwan — CCTV military reports — COVID surge in Southern China — BRICS Foreign Ministers…